Alexandra Arènes, Soheil Hajmirbaba and Axelle Grégoire are architects, members of studio SOC.

Alexandra is a researcher in landscape architecture at The University of Manchester. She studies the Critical Zones as a new paradigm to understanding landscapes and their mapping at the scale of the Earth’s cycles: Gaia-graphy.

Soheil is an architect and urban planner at atelier shaā. He advocates a vernacular production of architecture, from territory to building, inviting to consider architectural materialization as an outcome of field investigations and anthropological travels.

Axelle is an architect and a visual artist. Trained in various traditional skills  as well as digital tools, she develops projects which contribute to the renewal of the representation of territories. Her studio Omanoeuvres is based on maps, games and narrative as a method of design and research.

SOC focuses on long inquiries emerging from field practices and involving a network of actors from various disciplines. Currently, three main inquiries: Terra Forma; NCD, Où atterrir?; CZO, Critical Zones, lead to the production of various multimedia objects (books, workshops, installations, cartographies…). SOC’s main objective is to contribute to foster exchanges between arts, sciences and architecture.

Atelier shaā is the legal structure.






/////////////Belval Kakosmos (Cartogénèse du territoire de Belval, Tracer les vivants)

/////////////Back to Earth